Single-ram cans balers


UPAXX model series compactors are fully automated cans balers with a closable pressing channel for processing metal cans and other metal scrap. Distinguishing features include a jam-proof closing mechanism that is driven on both sides, and a low construction height. The pressing force of 700 kN produces briquettes according to relevant post-processing industry specifications.

  • Energy efficient and robust hydraulic drive
  • Alternatively with output-regulated axial piston pumps or internal gear pumps
  • Low pressure stage of all hydraulic components designed for multiple operating pressures
  • Minimum noise level due to decoupling of structure-borne noise
  • Consideration of all basic legal information regarding water protection
  • Pressing floor lined with wear plates with corrugated finish
  • Replaceable, bolted wear plates made of special Hardox steel in the side-wall area
  • Oversized and easy to replace counter-blade system for processing the most difficult types of materials
  • Solid, lengthened channel section for extended stroke operation to increase throughput
  • All-round panelling with wear plates for full wear protection
  • Prefabricated cutting unit for maximum cutting performance, but equally optimal accessibility
  • Press plate connection optimally protected against impact and eccentric strain
  • Connection of cylinder with cylinder plunger structurally oversized to absorb high reactive forces
  • Main cylinder and control block designed for a maximum pressure of 420 bar
  • Control block constructed from forged steel for optimal efficiency and low loss of flow
  • All seals and guide elements have a long service life, due to large cylinder guide lengths
  • Powerful hydraulic actuation of front door with two double action door cylinders in space saving design
  • Jamming free operation due to labyrinth sealings
  • Self-cleaning front door with safety slide for packages
  • Front door gidings totally encased
  • Easy and safe operation for hand and automatic mode
  • Display of all stats for operation and maintenance 
  • Modular baler safety system via key transfer system inclusing the prevention of lock-in danger