Niederlangen. unoTech responds to a demand from the industry, which has been asking for appropriate systems for a long time, with the new UWUK® development, that can ensure the traceability and labeling of the quality properties of manufactured pressed bales in the most effortless way possible.

UWUK®, a system developed according to the standards of a bale press manufacturer known for the robustness and reliability of its products, promises a fully automatic and entirely self-sufficient system with which, in the first step, the physical data of a bale emerging from the baler is completely recorded, logged and then clearly and permanently marked on a label attached to the bale.

But UWUK® can do even more. In addition to recording the physical data of a pressed bale, it can also adjust and regulate the productivity of the upstream UPANEXT® baler in a direct manner; as a ‘by-product’ type of measure, as it were.

The UPANEXT® baler and UWUK® measuring device can now communicate with each other as a complete system in a closed control loop. All material flows that are fed into the baler are now evaluated using UWUK®, so to speak, “on the finished bale”. Having defined the target size, all processing parameters of the baler are then internally adjusted, readjusted if necessary and automatically stored for subsequent material fractions in the UPANEXT® system.

For system operators, the advantages are clear:

  • With UWUK, bale marking at the outfeed of the baler or at a separate weighing station is a distant memory.
  • Parameterising a baler working in a network no longer requires expert knowledge.
  • In combination with a sorting system, process programs for controlling, for example, the bunker systems, can now be designed much more efficiently.
  • Inventory stocks of pressed bales of various compositions can be managed more efficiently based on the clear determination of weight and bale volume with a view to all further disposition of transport capacities or general criteria.

With the UWUK® system, unoTech thus starts a new chapter on the road towards a highly efficient, fully automatic, fully integrated bale press operation that gives system operators the assurance of being optimally equipped for the future.